My Commissions

Lone Man Dyn Unig Antur Waunfawr

This carving was made to celebrate the life of the explorer John Evans who came from Waunfawr in North Wales and went in search of the Mandan tribe in America. It was thought at the time that the tribe were connected to Prince Madoc who had travelled to America in the Middle Ages and spoke Welsh. He travelled up the Missouri river making maps that later helped Lewis and Clarke in crossing the continent. He found and lived with the Mandan close to the Canadian border, but did not find all he had hoped for.

The Lone Man features in the Mandan belief as a Creator deity. This carving refers to the Lone Man and the boat he made but also to John Evans and his journey. It is carved from Trefor granite.







Carved and inlaid tiles

These are part of an ongoing commission. The first ones represent shells and birds found near the house where they are installed. The next group will be of wild flowers and lastly tiles inspired by the sea view.

They are made in slate and marble which is then inlaid with various metals and stones




The Hares

2018 Meic Watts